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Making Safety and Health Job One


Research has shown that hand hygiene greatly impacts health and wellness, highlighting the importance of proper hand washing. When you consider that absenteeism costs U.S. manufacturers $2.8 billion a year1, a healthy shop floor and office can equal bottom line savings. Incredibly, industrial employers lose 19 million work days each year due to cold and flu absences. 

And in many instances, illness can impact workplace safety. People who come to work with a cold or flu may experience slower reaction times and may be prone to mistakes. And as for rental shop towels that can contain harmful heavy metals, a safer alternative like disposable wipers can help reduce lost work time due to injury.

The goal of this webinar is to make safety and health job one for everyone.

Key Topics:

  • Insights on how to engrain a culture of safety within facilities
  • Why safety and hygiene are important
  • Practical solutions to help improve safety and hygiene